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Greg Nicholas

I have been living in San Francisco all my life. Recently, my employer informed me that I would be transferred to their headquarters in New York. I was wondering where I would get accurate and current information about the cost of living in a different city. A colleague at work referred me to this website. I have learnt that the cost of living in New York is comparatively higher than that of San Francisco. For this reason, I know I’ll have to stay in a smaller house and also drive a smaller car. This site has been very helpful.

Ann Muigai

I secured a scholarship to study in Columbia University. For this reason, I’ll need to relocate from Nairobi, Kenya to New York, USA towards the end of this year. Since the scholarship will only cover tuition fees, I’ll have to meet all the other financial costs. However, I’m not worried. I visited this website,and I know how much it would cost to comfortably live and study in New York.

Prof. Jia Chiao

I am a university professor living and working in Guangzhou, China. Recently, I got a client who wanted me to conduct research on the cost of living in Pune, India. I took a flight to Pune. However, my employer summoned me back to China even before I could complete the assignment. Since the deadline was fast approaching, I decided to conduct research on the internet. Guess where I got all the information? Well, you guessed right. I got everything on this website.

Christina Pratt

My name is Christina. When I celebrated my 21st birthday, my father gave me half a million US dollars to invest in a business venture and city of my choice. I had a watched a documentary filmed in San Francisco, and the documentary really inspired me to move to this city. So when I got the money, I knew exactly where I would head to.
Since it was my first time in Francisco, I didn’t know how much it would cost me to comfortably live in the area. When I visited this website, I got everything I wanted.

Jibril Abubakar

I had read a lot about India’s bulging population. Since I am an entrepreneur, I knew that if I moved to India and started a business in one of its cities, I would smile all the way to the bank. However, I had no idea where I would get reliable information about the cost of living in India, particularly with regard to how much I would be expected to pay my prospective employees.
I got all the requisite information from this site. On a scale of one to five, I would give Cost Off Living 5 stars. Today, my business located in Hyderabad is doing exceptionally well.

Dimitri Nenov

I managed to secure a job with the United Nations. To my pleasant surprise, I was posted to the UN Headquarters in New York. I had never been to the United States before, so I kept wondering how life would be. Even though everyone knows that the UN is one of the world’s best employers in terms of remuneration,I was worried about the cost of living since I have a large family who all rely on me.
When I visited this website, I got all the information I needed about the cost of living in New York.