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Cost Of Living for Student / Bachelor / Family
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Mumbai is of one the top city in India, the city is also known for its culture, traditions and job opportunities that welcomes expats & students for jobs and education. However average Cost of living in Mumbai for family and couple is $2120 for students is $717 and for bachelor is $455.

As per the data from our users on website, rental expenses for family and couple is $2046 for students is $664 and for bachelor is $390. Cost of living in Mumbai greatly dependent on where you live, an average rent for a flat/house in normal area $1186 per month.


Accomodation Cost

Premium Normal Lower
Rent for House / Apartment
$781 $486 $307
AirBnB (1 day)
$54 $44 $37
Studio Apartment
$231 $197 $181
Co-working Space
$122 $114 $100
$170 $153 $136

Utility Bills Expenses


Cost for Food

Premium Normal Lower
$4 $3 $2
$8 $8 $5
$9 $7 $4
$6 $4 $3
$8 $7 $5
$8 $5 $3
$1 $1 $1
$11 $7 $4

Primary Food

Premium Normal Lower
Rice (1 lb)
$2 $2 $5
Bread (1 lb)
$4 $3 $3
Milk (1 gallon)
$3 $2 $2
Cheese (1 lb)
$9 $6 $4

Grocery Cost in Mumbai

Chicken (1 lb)
Meat (1 lb)
Eggs (12)
Fish (1 lb)
Beef (1 lb)
Tomato (1 lb)
Potato (1 lb)
Onion (1 lb)
Lettuce (1 head)

Fruits Expenses

Apple (1 lb)
Orange (1 lb)
Banana (1 lb)
Grapes (1 lb)

Kids School Expenses in Mumbai

Premium Normal Lower
Day Care
$64 $65 $30
N to 1
$297 $228 $165
1 to 5
$1838 $1460 $1023
6 to 10
$6459 $2403 $1464

Transportation Cost in Mumbai

Premium Normal Lower
$3 $2 $1
$6 $5 $4
$8 $9 $4

Liquor Cost in Mumbai

Cigarettes (1 Pack)

Automobiles Cost in Mumbai

Petrol/Gasoline (1 gallon)
Diesel (1 gallon)

Mobiles ( Latest ) Cost in Mumbai

Avg Models

Cost Of Living for Student in Mumbai

Premium Normal Lower
$664 $448 $307
$28 $20 $12
$2 $2 $2
$24 $14 $7

Cost Of Living for Bachelor

Premium Normal Lower
$390 $258 $173
$38 $20 $12
$2 $2 $2
$26 $15 $7

Cost Of Living for Family/Couple

Premium Normal Lower
$2046 $1186 $649
$45 $36 $25
$6 $4 $2
$26 $15 $7

The above record is summarized from data provided by users and various references from internet. So the values may vary little lower or higher from the actual values. Hence this may not be a real signal.

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Know More About Mumbai City

Know The Vital Facts About Cost Of Living In Mumbai

People from across the globe come to Mumbai – The City of Dreams, for varied reasons. While some come here to be a part of the entertainment industry, others come for professional commitments. The best part is – the city welcomes each individual with an open arm.

This is one side of the story. The other side is - living cost in Mumbai is something you need to think before you set your foot. Managing the expenses can be a nightmare. However, with some quick and intelligent thinking, you can have the last laugh. Here you can Compare Mumbai Living Cost with Other Top Cities in The World.

Irrespective of whether you are a student, family, couple or a bachelor, you ought to know these vital facts:

Your Location In Mumbai Will Influence The Cost Of Living

Mumbai is a vast city that spreads across 604 km square. Apart from this, there are many locations in the outskirts which are an integral part of Mumbai. For example, Thane and Navi Mumbai fall in this category. Therefore, if you reside in an area like Ambernath, your monthly rental for 1 BHK flat will cost you INR 3500. The same flat will cost you a whopping INR 65,000 if you reside in areas like Kemps Corner or Walkeshwar.

Yes, Your Food Habits Will Play A Major Role

Food habits will play a big role when it comes to say, cost of living in Mumbai for bachelor. The city is well known for its snack centers and restaurants. Likewise, when the city in question is Mumbai, you cannot refrain from taking Dabeli or Vada-Pav.
However, one cannot expect you to live on Dabeli or Vada-Pav alone. Naturally, you might be prompted to opt for takeaways from restaurants. This will naturally escalate your food expenses. Overall, a basic lunchtime menu will need INR 559. Similarly, 500 gram or 1 lb of the boneless chicken breast commands a price of INR 155.
Of course, if you wish to curb this expense, give a thought to apply all your culinary expertise. This way you can reap twin benefits. Frstly, your food expense will come down drastically. Secondly, you will end up relishing tasty and healthy meals.

Choose Entertainment Options Wisely

After having slogged for the entire day, you will naturally like to unwind with your family or wife. Cost of living in Mumbai for family or couple, will essentially depend on your choice of type of entertainment. The city boasts of an active night life and numerous entertainment alternatives.
Just make sure you choose according to your budget. Ideally, you ought to make this budget in the beginning of the month. It will allow you to have your share of entertainment without causing any financial constraints. Typically, INR 3000-4000 will suffice this budget. For instance, 2 tickets to a movie will cost you INR 627. Similarly, 1 beer in a pub will cost you INR 251.
Talking about monthly costs of a family comprising of 4 members, it will cost around INR 89,423.84.

Manage Your Travelling Expenses Smartly

Travelling expenses in Mumbai is skyrocketing. This forms a large percentage of your cost of living. Take appropriate steps to keep this expense in check. For instance, opt for BEST buses and local trains instead of private cabs and taxis. This way you can restrict your travel expenses to INR 500-1000. A student will need INR 360 to obtain a monthly bus pass to cover a road distance of 2 KM.
When it comes to taxi fare, the normal fare for 1 km is INR 20. The normal tariff for 1 hour waiting is INR 100. If you are interested to know the mobile tariff, 1 minute prepaid mobile tariff for local calls will be INR 0.83. If you avail the internet facility, it will cost you INR 884.58
Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra also the most populous city in India is known with other names like “Alpha World City” “Little Colaba” and “Island City”. Being the wealthiest city in India, Mumbai is a blend of rich culture, heritage and modernization. Mumbai is the financial, commercial and entertainment capital of India. It is also one of the world's top ten centres of commerce in terms of global financial flow generating 6% of India's GDP. Most of the large business houses have their corporate offices in this city.

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Top Tourist Destinations in Mumbai :

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  2. Bandra-Worli Sea Link
  3. Shree Siddi Vinayak
  4. Gateway Of India
  5. Global Vipassana Pagoda
  6. Red Carpet Wax Museum
  7. Kanheri Caves
  8. Mani Bhavan Gandhi Museum
  9. Nariman Point
  10. Water Kingdom


Top Cab/Taxi Services in Mumbai :

  1. Tab Cab
  2. Apollo Cabs. Mumbai Pune cabs
  3. RoundTrip Cab
  4. GetMe Cab
  5. Mumbai Pune Taxi Service


Money  Exchange Centres in Mumbai :

  1. HDFC Money Exchangers
  2. MMS Forex Pvt Ltd
  3. Western Union Money Transfer
  4. UAE Exchange Malad, Mumbai
  5. Weizmann Forex Ltd
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