If you are a student who is interested in Pursuing your MBA abroad in Germany, here is the page that will help you sort out your confusions in choosing the right university. Do you worry 

about the lack of work experience? Do you want to know more about the GMAT scores and other requirements? Not to worry, here are some top 5 public universities that you have to look into before you choose the right place that covers your expectations as an international student.  

       Usually, MBA programs in Germany are between 1 to 1.5 years for international students as either full-time or part-time unlike many other European countries and universities like Stanford and Harvard that require two years to complete. Germany is recently becoming a magnet for international students due to the tuition-free education they offer which is a great opportunity. But before that there are a few common eligibility criteria that you must suffice. These include a good academic result in your bachelor’s degree. You also need either IELTS/TOEFL scores to check your language proficiency. Yes, GMAT scores are mandatory but there are other options too. The average GMAT score needed varies between 550 to 600, a higher GMAT score, that is more than 600 would assure you higher chances of enrollment and acquiring scholarships. A minimum of 2-3 years of work experience is needed for any Indian student to get into the top universities, but there are also opportunities if you are someone who lacks any experience. Read till the end to learn about the universities that offer courses without GMAT scores and work experience. Make sure you fulfill these requirements before applying to these universities that are listed below. 

Here are the Top MBA Colleges in Germany 

Berlin School of Business and Innovation 

MBA in Berlin School of Business and Innovation is a program offered in partnership with the University for the Creative Arts which has been ranked 13th of all UK universities in The Guardian League Tables and has secured 7th rank in business marketing and management. They provide an 18-months program as well as a 24 months program that will enable you to acquire skills needed to work in the global economy. The classes are part-time. Apart from the decided modules for your program, BSBI also offers Professional Certificate Courses. These short courses include a wide range of options – Data Analytics, Digital Marketing and Social Media, Financial and Business Modeling, Project Management and Character Development. The mode of language is English. The intakes for the 18 months course happen during February, May and October. The fees for international students is 13500 euros. The intakes for the 24 months course happens during March, May and October and the total fees required is 18000 euros. 

Address Potsdamer Str. 182, 10783 Berlin, Germany
Master Courses International Management, International Business and Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Hospitality Management and Leadership
Students in-take March, May, October
Fee 13500-18000 euros
MBA Duration 18 months/ 24 months
Contact +49 3058 584 0959/ info@BerlinSBI.com  
Website https://www.berlinsbi.com/

ESMT Berlin 

EMST Berlin is constantly ranked as top #1 business school among the top global business schools. They provide Full-Time, Part-Time, Executive MBA, as well as Distance Learning. For a 12 month Full-Time program, the intakes will be open from January. The application deadline for non-EU students is November 1. The tuition fee is 43500 euros. For the Part-Time 24 months program, the intakes begin in September and the tuition fees required is 38000 euros. In order to pursue an Executive MBA, the intakes will be open from October and the duration is 18 months. This program is scheduled as 10 modules where seven modules take place within ESMT, Berlin and the other three modules are placed internationally in South America and Southeast Asia. Applications applied by April are only eligible for tuition discounts. The tuition fee required for this particular course is 59500 Euros. There is also this distance education intakes in May and September for the duration of 24 months with the tuition fee of 26000 Euros. The students can take up to five years to complete the learning. 

Address EMST Berlin, Schlossplatz 110178 Berlin, Germany
Master Courses Executive, Full-time, Global Online and Part-time MBA, MIM, Portfolio Management Program
Students in-take January
Fee Depending on the course
MBA Duration 18 months/ 24 months
Contact +49302212310/ info@esmt.org 
Website https://esmt.berlin/ 

Hochschule fur Wirtschaft und Recht Berlin (HWR) – Berlin School of Economics and Law 

This school attracts more international students and also teachers from various parts of the world. This promotes international diversity and global perspectives. They also cooperate with universities and companies from all over the world. They carry an International Accreditation and meet the international quality standards. You can either take up Full-time or Part-time. The Full-Time intakes begin in September and the duration is 15 months. The tuition fee is 19800 Euros. This program features study visits to Asia, the USA and Europe. The Part-Time intake starts in October and it goes on for 24 months with the tuition fee of 19800 Euros. 

Address Badensche Str. 52, 1025Berlin, Germany
Master Courses Business Administration
Students in-take September/ October
Fee 19800 euros
MBA Duration 15 months/ 24 months
Contact +49-30-30877-1275E ingrid.sperber@hwr-berlin.de 
Website https://www.hwr-berlin.de/en/ 

ESCP Europe- Berlin Campus 

This business school is ranked as the #6 worldwide for Diversity. They offer MBA in International Management and Executive MBA(EMBA). The entry-level eligibility requires a master’s or a bachelor’s degree with a minimum of three years of work experience. The duration is 10 months for full-time. The campuses of ESCP are located in multiple various places such as Berlin, London, Madrid, Turin, Paris and Warsaw. The students are given opportunities to study in two different countries in the course of time. For Executive MBA, the duration varies from 18, 22 or 30 or 34 for Part-time. The intake starts in January or September. 

Address ESCPHeubnerweg 8-10D-14059 BerlinGermany
Master Courses MBA in International Management, Executive MBA, Full time and Part time MBA.
Students in-take January/ September
Fee 42000 euros
MBA Duration 10 months
Contact +49 30 320070 
Website https://www.escp.eu/berlin 

TU Berlin 

They provide unique MBA programs combining academic excellence along with industry expertise. The programs are uniquely curated to offer a deep learning perspective. They offer MBA in Building Sustainability, MBA in Energy Management and MBA in Sustainable Mobility Management. Each of these courses runs for eighteen months. The tuition fee varies from 10000-18000 euros. 

Address Straße des 17. Juni 13510623 Berlin
Master Courses Building Sustainability, Energy Management, Sustainable Mobility Management
Students in-take January- February
Fee 10000- 18000 euros
MBA Duration 18 months
Contact +49 30 3140
Website https://www.tu.berlin/en/ 

Back to the question, if you want to pursue MBA without GMAT, here are a list of universities that you need to know: 

· Berlin School of Economics and Law – 1-1.5 years 

· Technical University of Munich – 2 years 

· Reutlingen University – 1 year 

· University of Kiel – 2 years 

· University of Tubingen – 2 years 

· University of Stuttgart – 1.5-2 years 

· Cologne Business School – 2 years 

Even though most of business schools demand a minimum work experience, there are also few exceptions. The universities that you can apply to without any work experience are listed below: 

· Technical University of Munich 

· University of Keil 

· University of Tubingen 

· University of Ulm 

· Ludwig Maximilian University Munich