Personal Loan providers in Singapore

When you are in crisis, or in a need of extra money for consolidating debt, paying for house renovations, or planning for weddings or other ceremonies, you can borrow money from personal

loan givers and use for a variety of purposes. Why is it good to seek financial personal loans? You don’t have to pledge any collateral in this case and you wouldn’t have to face such restrictions in terms of using the money. This is an ideal solution in any cases of sudden financial needs for weddings, hospital expenses or any emergencies. You don’t have to worry about an emergency need of money. This article covers the list of trustworthy and reliable Personal loan providers in Singapore. Keep reading for further details and information.


Table of Contents

  1.      QuickLoan Pte Ltd
  2.     HSBC Personal Loan
  3.     UOB Personal Loan
  4.     Standard Chartered Cash One
  5.     Citibank Quick Cash
  6.     DBS/POSB Personal Loan
  7.     OCBA ExtraCash Loan


QuickLoan Pte Ltd is Singapore’s leading online loan platform that offers quick cash loans for Singaporeans and Expats. They offer instant loans up to S$200,000 at an affordable interest rate within 30 mins and loan tenure can range from 1 to 3 years. Fast processing time and free consultation make them stand out among other traditional lenders.


  • Personal Loans
  • Business Loans
  • Education Loan
  • Debt Consolidation Loan
  • Wedding Loan
  • Home Renovation Loan
Loan Provider QuickLoan Pte Ltd
Loan Tenor (years) 12 to 36 months
Interest Rate 3.92%
Promotion Discount is available on short term loans
Other Promotions No early repayment fee / preclosure charges
Loan Amount Up to $200,000
Apply Online
Address 10 Anson Road #01-15 International Plaza Singapore 079903
Contact Details +65 6223 1788  /


HSBC Personal Loan

Are you looking for the cheapest personal loan? HSBC Personal Loan is the best option that will cater to your needs. To avail HBSC’s Personal Loan, you should be a Singaporean or Foreigner and have an annual income of $30,000 and above. 

At the moment, if you qualify for these, HBSC offers some of the good and competitive interest rates. They are advertising promotional interest rates beginning from 3.2%, which has an EIR of 6% and zero processing fees. The interest rate may differ from person to person. Loan tenures are available for a range of 1 to 7 years.


Loan Provider HSBC Bank Singapore
Loan Tenor (years) 1 to 7
Flat Interest Rate From 3.2%
Promotion SGD100 Cashback
Other Promotions Upto SGD2100 cashback
Loan Amount Up to 200,000
Apply Online


UOB Personal Loan

For Singaporeans and PR Holders aged 21 to 65 who are a customer of an existing UOB credit card or CashPLus, UOB’s personal loan is applicable. The annual income should be at least $30,000 a year if you need a personal loan from them. 

You need to get a UOB credit card or Cashplus if you need to apply for this UOB personal loan but not an existing member of UOB.  The flat interest rate is fixed by them as 3.4% and EIR ranges from 6.22% to 6.42%. Loan tenures are from 1 to 5 years, with the highest EIR at 3 years. You can apply for a personal loan online and get instant approval in case you are already an existing UOB customer.


Loan Provider UOB Singapore
Loan Tenor (years) 1 to 5
Flat Interest Rate From 3.4%
Promotion NA
Other Promotions SGD600 Cashback
Loan Amount Up to 200,000
Apply Online


Standard Chartered CashOne

 Standard Chartered CashOne personal loan is applicable and is open for Singapore citizens, Expats and foreigners who have got Singapore Employment pass holders aged 21 to 65. A minimum of $20,000 for Singaporeans and $60,000 for foreigners is required as annual income in order for this personal loan to be availed.

 To apply for this loan online, sign in through SingPass and you will receive your loan disbursement within 15 minutes. An initial annual fee of $199 is deducted from your approved loan as a Standard Chartered charge. But, from the second year onwards you won’t have to pay any more extra processing fees unless you miss any installments. If so, you will have to pay $50 for that supposed year.

 Since you have a $199 fee payment, CashOne is a much better option if you are planning to take a larger amount as your loan. The interest rates as advertised by them starts from 3.48% and an eir OF 10.4% and above. The interest rates are personalized, so it may differ from person to person.


Loan Provider Standard Chartered Singapore
Loan Tenor (years) 1 to 5
Flat Interest Rate From 3.48%
Promotion S$100
Other Promotions SGD2400 Cashback
Loan Amount Up to 250,000
Apply Online


Citibank Quick Cash

The 3.46% Quick Cash is applicable only for customers who are new to Citibank loans. Supposing you already have a Citibank loan, they will give you 4.85% instead at $457 per month.  It is very easy through the Citi Mobile App. You just have to login through their app, key in the amount of cash you need and the get the funds easily and instantly.

For people aged between 21 to 65, for Singapore citizens and Foreigners with annual income of $30,000, the loan can be availed. If you are already an existing customer, the process is yet easier. With a shorter 1-year tenure, you can get a 0% interest rate. You have to pay a high amount of processing fee, 3.5%. In case of one year loan too, the cost of the Effective Interest Rate would be 7.06%. If you are dragging your loan for up to 5 years, interest rates will be 3.48% per annum and it has no processing fees with an EIR of 6.5%.


Loan Provider Citibank Singapore
Loan Tenor (years) 1 to 5
Flat Interest Rate From 3.45%
Promotion NA
Other Promotions SGD450 Cashback
Loan Amount Up to 200,000
Apply Online


DBS/POSB Personal Loan

This loan DBS/POSB Personal Loan is applicable only for the existing DBS customers. You can get your cash easily disbursed if you already have an existing DBS Cashline or a DBS credit card or currently credit your amount into a DBS or POSB deposit amount. Who is applicable for this loan? 

This loan is open for Singapore citizens, PRs, and foreigners who have DBS bank or credit card accounts. The person must be aged 21 to 75 years and has a minimum annual income of $20,000. This is one of the lowest income requirements set by the banks. They guarantee interest rates as low as 2.88%. 

It has a processing fee as low as 2.88% The processing fee is 1%, and it is the lowest possible EIR as 5.79%. The available loan tenures of this bank are 1 to 5 years. The maximum possible EIR for you is 20.01%.


Loan Provider POSB Singapore
Loan Tenor (years) 1 to 5
Flat Interest Rate From 2.88%
Promotion NA
Other Promotions Up to 2% Cashback
Loan Amount Get up to 10 times your monthly salary*
Apply Online


OCBC ExtraCash Loan

The loan tenure ranges from 12 to 60 months. You can borrow money up to 6x of your monthly salary of $120,000 and above. You can also make repayments easily through online or mobile banking funds transfer, cheque deposit or cash deposit machine. They provide an easy way to access and manage your account through mobile and online banking. Both Singaporeans and PRs can receive this loan offer. The processing fee required is $100.