Chennai is that most vibrant and energetic city that you will find towards the south of the country.  It’s a place of people with high spirits and enthusiasm soaring sky high. The state has a rich historical culture and ethnicity and was a major power holder in the history of other states in south as well. These are some of the destinations you can always consider to spend your weekends away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.




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Mahabalipuram is a perfect choice  if you love to enjoy the historical architecture and those artistic cave sanctuaries. This place have a major role in the history of the Tamil empire. It was recognized as a UNESCO site.  It’s just 60 km away from Chennai city. Overlooking the Bay of Bengal is the Shore temple. It’s a poem by itself on the stone.



pulicat lake bird sanctuary

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This saline water lake is 54km away from the Chennai city located in Nellore. This lake is home to many aquatic forms since its uniqueness as it has a mix of saline as well as cold water. The sanctuary is about 90km away from the Chennai city.

It is a safe bet for a low budget weekend trip especially if you are one of those who would love to chill out in Nature’s lap to get over their daily life stress.

kailasakona waterfalls

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It is a 9 hours journey covering up to 477km.Its located in Chittoor district of Tamil Nadu. But I assure you all these hard work will pay you off once you reach this beautiful which is a wonder by itself. That view of waterfall which just originates between two massive rocks will make your heart overflow with ecstasy.

vellore fort

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Vellore is 140 km away from Chennai and its about 6-hour journey. Here you can visit the ancient Vellore fort which holds the historical past and culture of this ancient city. And of course the VainuBappu Observatory, the apt weekend destination for anyone who is crazy about the secrets of space and stars above us.


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Yercaud is roughly 6 hours away from the city of Chennai with a distance of 360 km. This is an option for people who can’t bear the heat and wants to chill out on their weekends. Yercaud is a hill station  awaiting you with splendid natural beauty of the Emeralad lake that is well preserved, the scenic view from the pyramind view point and the breath taking view of the accelerating flow of water in Killiyur falls. You will never regret spending your weekend here and you are bound to come again and again here.


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Yelagiri is a hill station for nature lovers and a trekking destination for the trekkers at the same time.re. For sightseeing there is poonganoor lake and there are a lot activities like trekking and boating offered here. It is a 4 hours journey from Chennai.


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Pondicherry is a wonderful weekend destination eve if are a solo traveller or travelling with family and friends. It is a safe bet for all kinds of travellers. It’s just 3 hours away from Chennai and the first place to come into your mind if you love that vintage period of the city which still preserves its French architecture and atmosphere.


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Even though it is pretty far from Chennai by travelling about 9 hours it will be a great mistake if you havn’t yet visited this largely visited hill station in south India.

As the name itself suggests ‘it’s a gift from forest’ to spend your hot summers. If you are planning to visit this place do not forget to visit the kodaikanal lake and get the best out of it through boating. A visit to the Guna caves will be just apt to rise your level excitement and it will certainly add on to your thrilling experience here.


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It’s a long 10 hour journey from Chennai to Rameshwaram

Consider Rameshwaram also among one of your weekend destination options. Why Rameshwaram ?? it’s the geographical location it has in between India and Sri Lanka. So therefore I tell you it’s a must-see places for culturist and explore the folk’s tradition and know their interesting beliefs.




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From Chennai to Madurai it costs about INR 2000 by flight. But I would suggest a trip to thoroughly enjoy it. Madurai is fondly known as the ‘Athens of the East’ for its rich traditional culture and its aesthetic architecture. You can find the oldest of the old shops and streets across Madurai.