Shillong, widely known as the Scotland of the East, is one of the best tourist spots in India. Whenever I think about a pleasant cold place which challenges my adrenaline, this hill station pops up in my heart with her soothing wind. Not every 100 km could be a so drivable like the Meghalaya – Shillong road. The road takes you to the heaven where clouds come down to earth and mesmerize you with its charm. Here are the reasons why I always want to go back to her lap

The serenity Of Mawlynnong Waterfalls :


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This beautiful water fall located in one of the cleanest villages in Asia is indeed a ‘God’s own garden’. It was a feast to my eyes with the lush green landscape and picturesque sky view. The small bamboo dustbins placed on roadside within every half km was an inspiration for garbage dumping. The deep high water fall is something that pause your breath for a while. Climbing all the stairs till the top of it was my best decision so that I could see the panorama of fertile Bangladesh plains. When I take the fresh breath, I couldn’t resist myself from cursing the city life. It’s true, the village is ‘neighbours envy and owners pride’


The Silence Of Mawjymbuin Cave :


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The 50 metre wide entrance of Mawjymbuin Cave is a narrow line that separates age and time. I walked into it and felt being a primitive man. The caves spoke to me the secrets of some ancient periods and perplexities of earthly life through her wide mysteries. If you dare to explore her, make sure you take the paths trodden black or you would get lost in it. It will certainly give you revelation about how small you are in this big universe.


Kayaking Hope At Kynshi River :

kayaking at kynshi

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There should always be something for the next time. After having a pleasant and adventurous trip through Shillong, I decided to try Kayaking at one of the world’s best kayaking destinations, Kynshi River. But, the heavy rain shrugged its shoulder making me disappointed. As guides warned me about the danger of going in the rain, I kept that for another day. Let it be the reason to come back.