Top 10 Tourist Places in Hyderabad :

Trip Target :

  •  Interesting places to visit in Hyderabad
  •  Visiting Hyderabad in a Day
  •  Save time
  •  Save money
  •  Save fuel


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Being a Hyderabadi want to visit best tourist places in day in the city. I made a list of tourist places to visit in Hyderabad, later sorted as per traveling locations which can help me to save time and fuel. Later with the help of Google Maps we have  finalized the list and prepared the itinerary.

We a team of eight travelers, planed the itinerary and started in two cars on a fine Sunday,


Here we gooo gooo Hyderabad :

birla mandir

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Started at 6:40 AM in the morning, first visited Birla Mandir by 7:10 AM, it was awesome morning view experience, it look like SUN rays just showed the way to the temple to lord Venkatesha and by 7.30 we had darshan.


tank bund


Later we moved to Tank Bund Road it look like Budha in Hussain Sagar wishing Hyderabad a very good morning. Also viewed the main attraction of tank bund road with 33 statues of famous people of Telugu (Andhra Pradesh).

By 9.15 AM we reached Lumbini Park and moved to Buddha Statue and later moved to NTR Gardens – a place for variety of planets & flowers.




After having a heavy lunch we started heading towards Charminar.

By 2.10 PM we reached Charminar – a must place to visit in Hyderabad, later Mecca Masjid.

By 3.45 PM we reached Qutub Shahi Tombs as it will be closed by 4.30 PM. We spent for 30 mins then moved to Golconda Fort – A City Build on a Granite Hill. We have spent good time at Golconda Fort with photo-shoot.

By 7.30 PM reached Shilparamam – Rural museum of Indian village culture and atmosphere – we recalled our childhood day.

hitech city


after spent time at Hitech City – Hyderabad IT Icon.

Top 10 Places Visited in Hyderabad in a Day :

  Birla Temple (Mandir)

  Hussain Sagar Lake

  Lumbini Park

  NTR Gardens


  Mecca Masjid

  Golconda Fort

  Falaknuma Palace

  Hitech City