India, a land which has been ruled by over a 100 different dynasties and colonies from the birth of its existence. The diversity of Indian history is easily reflected even in the modern 21st century on the monuments, culture and religion. It begins with the first inhabitants on Indus Valley Civilization, one of the earliest civilisation in the world, flows into poetry and literature, with one of the oldest universities ;Nalanda University to the birth of numbers by Aryabhata to the birth of the earliest languages, Sanskrit.  Thus the exploration of the famous Indian Monuments becomes inevitable. Here at My Travel Trips we give you the famous historical places around India


Brihadishwara Temple, Thanjavur :


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South India holds a separate mystique to all its travellers. The food, culture and tradition is unknown to many parts of the world. But to trace back the history of the place, Dravadian Architecture which was built by Raja Raja Chola 1 during the Chola period and is therefore a 1000 years. Legends state that the largest rock on the top of the temple was pulled through with 100 elephants and the statue of Nandi; the bull at the entrance of the block was craved from a single stone. This temple is also a site for many cultural festivals held throughout the year including dance performances of Bharatanatyam and is visited by a hundreds of tourists worldwide.


Taj Mahal, Agra :


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Nothing is more symbolic of beauty and love than the Taj Mahal. The white mausoleums was built by Shah Jahan and is considered a romantic spot for couples, honeymooners. The gardens and the museum can also be a quite spot for vacationers looking for some peace and time alone.


Hawa Mahal, Jaipur: The elegance of Jaipur:


the Pink City of India comes alive at the “Palace of Winds” or “Hawa Mahal” located at the heart of Jaipur. It has a scenic pink architecture due to the construction by using pink and red sandstones, with a five storeyed building have huge windows for air circulation. This famous piece of monument was built by the Kachhwala Rajput dynasty to allow the women who were prohibited to go out in the city, a view of the outside through this “Mahal”.


Victoria Memorial, Kolkata:

victoria memorial

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One of the most popular historical locations in Kolkata, this monument was built by King George V and the Viceory of India on the death of Queen Victoria. It was also jointly funded by several Indian States and it took around 1 and a half crore rupees to build the entire structure. It has several galleries including the royal gallery, sculpture gallery, arms gallery which boasts of weapons from several battles including the Battle of Plassey and the whispering gallery.


Sanchi Stupa, Sanchi:

sanchi stupas

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This infamous Stupa earned its name by being the built by the oldest stone in the history of India during the Maurya Dynasty period ruled by King Ashoka who was known for his violence and heartless killings of thousands of people and rulers during his reign. Seeing his true self one single day he finally turned his faith to Buddhism and stopped all violence immediately. It is one of the Buddhist pilgrimage site where the great Ashoka built it on such a way to represent the religion and preach it worldwide.