A Road Trip From Bangalore to Mysore :

Say yes to the call of Highway :

Are you a passionate driver? Do you like exploring the wonders across cities? Fasten your seat belt and get on the highway. The Bangalore-Mysore Highway is a wonderful road root that keeps so much of happiness and adventures for you. The four lane road is a smooth driving experience that connects two cities. Except a few towns, the road is free and driver friendly. From my travel experience here I am sharing you bliss the Bangalore to Mysore trip was on the wheel.

Amusing Destinations :

grips gokarting

image: grips gokarking in bangalore


innova film city - bangalore

(image reference: inditales.com)

Throughout the journey, I could find attractions on either sides of the road. I took an hour long ride and pull my hand break, to reach GRIPS GOKARTING. I am sure you too can enjoy some adrenaline rush and burn some rubber on the asphalt; life is still too young. Travel a few kilometers and keep your eyes on the horizon to come across the giant wheel that says Wonderla is here. Don’t be hesitated to spend a full day here. South India’s largest amusement park is worth visiting. 10 km from Wonderla, lies INNOVA FILM CITY. Here you can witness India’s first TOUCH AND FEEL multi entertainment destination. Are you really adventurous for a trekking? Okay, move on to Ramanagaram, it’s a city of silk and adventure.


Feast To Your Eyes :

janapada loka

(image reference: ramnagara.nic.in)

Moving along, there is Janapada Loka, a Folk Art and Craft Museums and Channapatna known for its wooden toys. Srirangapatna is a river island city with historical importance related to Tippu Sultan’s reign of Mysore. Drive 13 more kilometers; you’ll reach the city of palaces, Mysore. Make sure you don’t forget to savour Mysore Pak. Want to see the royal face of this city? Right in the centre of it stands the Palace of Mysore. The sight of this palace illuminated on Sunday night is a feast to the eyes.


Water Fountain Is Waiting :

brindavan gardens

Krishna Raja Sagar dam and Brindavan Garden are another famous tourist spots. Brindavan Garden is famous for its Light and Water fountain show. Chamundi Hills is also an important tourist spot. Now, get ready for the call of road. Mysore is waiting.