Top Visiting Places in Bangalore :

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I travelled to Bangalore with my young family for three days and had to look after my son for the day as my wife was working. We didn’t know much about visiting places in Bangalore but we decided to go see some tourist attractions with Bangalore Tours. It turned out to be a good choice as the driver had been a local for thirty years and spoke excellent English. We went to the Shiva temple and it was a magical tourist attraction with caves and some pools. We then went to Lalbagh Botanical Gardens for a walk around and some lunch in the afternoon. In the evening we were so tired but decided that we were keen for some more action.



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The next day we made a visit to Wonderla Amusement Park. We wish we had more time here as we spent only half the day and found some awesome rides. The tickets were cheap and the facilities well maintained. My son and I had a great time in the wave pool. We had fun but thought the line ups were a little bit long. It was the weekend and that is to be expected especially in India. In the evening, our tour guide took us to Brigade road to try some street food. I had some incredibly good Dahl and my son was happy with KFC! Oh well kids will be kids.



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On our last day we went to see tourist attractions in the Silicon Valley area. My wife and I are IT consultants and love seeing what is happening in the industry. I couldn’t believe how large and expansive IT is in Bangalore. I would have to say that the best thing about visiting places in Bangalore was the friendly and helpful people that made our experience wonderful in the city. The tourist attractions were not as bad to get to as I first thought and thanks to Bangalore Tours it was relatively hassle free. There also seemed to be more parks and green areas then other Indian cities and I thought that most of the tourist attractions that we visited were cleaner than I expected. Another reason for visiting places in Bangalore is the temperature. We felt it was a little better for heat than other places we have been to in India. We had a fun time visiting places in Bangalore and would gladly come back again.

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