India is a dynamic area of land with three of its main water bodies surrounding the southernmost part of this plateau. With the diversifying culture religion and tradition that India offers, South India especially offers variety in food; with the lovers of idli, dosa, sambhar to the pancakes and French desserts at the Puducherry town, with the medley of dance, music and a melange of coastline beaches to hill stations of Ooty to the famous festivals of Onam and Pongal celebrated every year. Here at My Travel Trips we offer you all that you are missing this year if you are not planning a trip to South India; 

best tourist attractions in South India.         

French Town, Puducherry, Tamil Nadu: The white town of Pondicherry holds many a surprises for any travel lover and foodie! This place lies in the heart of Tamil Nadu near the seashore with the right sort of mixture between the French who once ruled the city and the Indian part of the city.


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Nightlife at Goa : Goa is every Indian bachelor’s dream and probably on his/her bucket list this year. It is the perfect recipe for relaxation from one’s busy urban life in the cities to boozing and partying at the beaches.


Andaman and Nicobar Islands: Want to be transported to a magical tropical paradise this year along with family? Andaman and Nicobar Islands offers an off cultural beats with amazing sightseeing spots and accommodation, all at cheap cost.


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Coorg, Karnataka: The smell of coffee beans is arousing enough to lead us to this world class coffee world of Coorg. Located at Southern Karnataka Coorg has a lot to offer including hill stations like Madekeri, an animal safari into the Dubare Elephant Camp and even gliding!

Backwaters, Alleppey, Kerela: Planning a trip this monsoon season? Travel to the backwaters of Alleppey and enjoy the backwaters, beaches, houseboats and Ayurveda treatment at Kerala.


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Araku Valley, Vishakapatnam, Andhra Pradesh: Located 120 km from Vishakapatnam, Araku Valley is an adventurous location for your family trip. Places to visit include the Borra Caves, Galikondalu view and Padmapuram Garden.

Hill station, Ooty, Tamil Nadu: This place is popularly known as the mountains where the British used to retire to escape the terrible summer of South India. With an unwinding beauty of mountains,to the famous homemade chocolates and botanical garden, Ooty is a must see this year.


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God’s Own Country, Munnar, Kerela : The place that puts lights on the Western Ghats is “Munnar” with hundreds of plantations, mountains, National park and Attukad Waterfalls, it seems as if you have been transported to a Bollywood movie set.

Trekking hills, Gandikota, Andhra Pradesh: This place is popularly known as the “Amazon” or “Hidden Grand Canyon” of India. Situated at Kadapa, district of Andhra Pradesh, it has a breath-taking beauty and can be visited during the months of October-January with the river Pennar cutting towards its hill.

History comes alive at Hampi, Karnataka : If you are searching for forgotten battles in the history of kings and dynasties, Hampi should be on your bucket list. Best places to see are Vittala Temple, Matanga Hill, Zanana Enclosure and Pampa Sarovar.


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