Top Places to Visit in Mumbai :

top places to visit in mumbai

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Are you searching for a place to visit this holiday season? Adventurous is what defines one of my personality traits and the same that got me touring Mumbai to make sure what i had heard about the place was real. What I brought back with me is a bulk of exciting memories that I would love you to go and experience first hand too. I can bet, it is a place that will offer you unique and the most interesting sites across India.

Mumbai has everything that you dream of seeing; talk of captivating beaches, the Bollyhood, fascinating architectural designs, parks, historical attractions and a unique culture that you will not find anywhere else. Explaining every detail could take years while spoiling the surprise is another thing. With that in mind, let me brief you on some of the sites you can not afford to miss while on a visit to Mumbai.





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Located on the waterfront in Colaba to the south of Mumbai, it is the most recognized Monument in Mumbai. Its surroundings are colorful with many vendors introducing a variety of Indian products. I got to this site by boat and actually would recommend it to be your starting point to exploring Mumbai.



caves in mumbai

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I never thought a place with millions of inhabitants and huge developments can accommodate a national park. You will be surprised that Mumbai has a national park within its limits. Within the park I discovered a variety of ancient Buddhist caves hand curved into volcanic rock.



buildings in mumbai 

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Are you a fan of complex colonial architecture? This will be a perfect place for you. You will admire the Prince of Wales Museum, Victoria Terminus railway station, buildings of Horniman Circle in Fort area not forgetting the Bombay High Court.





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Time to go street shopping! Well, welcome to Colaba causeway and purchase attractive souvenirs, clothes and shoes at a very cheap price at Linking Road and some fresh Indian food and spices.




I admired to have a brush with some of the stars I see in movies, feel the place where over a hundred films are produced annually. This was made a reality to me. You wish to be in a Bollywood movie rather than watch a set one? Mumbai is the center of the action in Film City.



beaches in mumbai

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All the day I had been site-seeing and was tired and needed to relax with the locals on the beaches watch the sunset and enjoy some delicious snacks offered by the many food stalls and mobile food vendors. Mumbai’s unique night vibe was thrilling to me and I would like you to enjoy all the goodness that comes with it.

All said experience is the best teacher. Visit Mumbai this holiday season and the great adventure you will get will be a story you will live to tell.