Top 5 Team Outing Places in Bengaluru :

Being in a corporate firm and getting involved in the Team Projects inside, the complaints about hectic repetitive work schedule and stress building scenarios will always arise among my teammates. When the need of getting out of the stressful cubicles to have some relaxation and fun, the only choices I get is related to some nourishing natural spots across Bangalore which I experienced myself during my workaholic days in my corporate life. Here are the places that I felt enchanting and mesmerizing in and around Bangalore….


List of Bangalore team outing spots :

Ramanagara :


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The Silktown of Ramanagara which is also famous as the land of Gabbar Singh was visually pictured in the movie Sholay. Favoring for the nostalgic memories of the epic movie, Ramanagara will bestow never-ending shades of adventures provided by its trekking and rappelling endeavours. Being in this unique natural creation, one must slither down the stimulating heights of the rocky slopes of the hillocks, which are as high as 60 to 70 feet, of Ramnagar or try chimney climbing between two boulders.


Manchinbele :


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The dam that stand across the river Akravati could cater the eyes as a alluring view. The best thing that I found interesting here is the scope for both natural sight-seeing and engaging in adventure activities. Daring acts of Kayaking and Rappelling gave adrenaline arousing experience which is quite popular in Manchinbele.


Kanakpura :

nature adventure park -kanakpura

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The one and half hour journey from the city is worth spending for the care-free weekend after the hectic working days with the aid of its off-site in a clean and healthy environment. The adventure sports and wildlife experience could also cater our eyes and physique.


Anthargange :


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The mystic Caves of Anthargange reveals creativeness of nature itself at its fullest. The chance for trekking and exploration offered by volcanic formed rocks and boulders of the caves could be rare opportunity. The perennial stream of Anthargange has its magical aura to compel us to visit it again and again.


Talacauvery :


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The place considered to be source of river Kaveri is famous for its pilgrim importance along with the chance for savoring the Wildlife with rare species of flora and fauna. It could provide a memorable long trip for energizing the body and mind with the scopes of Kayaking as well as scenic beauty. Living through the myth of Kaveriamma having a enlightening mind will empty the stress of office cubicles.